My Story


“Life is short, every day you wake up is a gift to you.”

Be a Traveller

The world seems much smaller than it was a decade or 2 ago. With the introduction of really smart smart technologies, we can be connected virtually with anyone in real time.  And with the vast airline network today and cheaper airfares, we can reach 80% of the places on the planet within 24 hours. Use an app called “FlightRadar24”, you will find how many planes are over our heads at any point in time. We are not tied to our feet anymore, we can easily hop into a virtual world or a completely different physical place whenever we feel like to. It’s a pretty awesome time to be living right now.

Some may argue to rather spend money on practical items than experiences. Travelling is a source of perspective and values from other parts of the world. Every time you go to someplace new and seeing things you never saw before, you felt like you’ve grown more, you will become a better person and your thoughts will be more opened to ideas and acceptance on the problems and reasons behind why the world is where we are at today. Experiences are priceless.

Be a Techno

Technology will never stop advancing, with all the buzzwords on bitcoin, blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics, many people are afraid of losing jobs and expose themselves to digital vulnerabilities. We, as humans are the most intelligent species on this planet, most adaptable and able to solve problems based on unpredictable situations, we are the most resilient species. Machines maybe faster at repetitive tasks and can be programmed to think with logic, but it will still be controlled by humans. Technology is our leverage to a better world, it will help us to solve poverty, cure diseases, simplify our lives, connect one another, bring together communities and execute mundane tasks so that we can better enjoy our time on this planet. We need to embrace it and not to be afraid of it. Be part of the community to help to create technology for good and not evil.

Be a Creator

We are consumers of this planet, we burn fossil fuels, we consume energy from the sun, we eat food produced by rich land we have, we buy clothes to keep us warm and we absorb information for awareness or entertainment. There are many more consumers than producers in the world. Consuming is good for the economy, our growth index is based on those consumption numbers too. We all have creative genes in our bodies, but it requires curiosity and thinking, we rely on others to provide and we take whatever is thrown at us, although we have choices, if we turn ourselves into a creator/producer too, life becomes vastly more interesting. Create something new, a product, a service, a software programme, a book, an article, whatever it may be, leave a legacy in the world, make it a better place and be part of the change.